Figure 2

Characterization of QDot-antibody conjugates. (a). A schematic diagram of QDot-antibody conjugation mediated with SMCC. (b,c). Particle size analysis of QDot605 and QDot605-antibody conjugate obtained through dynamic light scattering. Particle size measurements were executed using Photal ELSZ-1000 instrument (Otsuka Electronics Ltd., Osaka, Japan). Before the particle size measurements, QDot605 and QDot605-antibody conjugates were diluted with 0.22 μm filtered water. Average diameter calculated was 11.12 nm for QDot605 and 20.4 nm for QDot605-antibody conjugate by particle size analysis. (d). Emission spectra of QDot525, QDot565, QDot 605, QDot655, and QDot705.

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