Figure 8:

(A) (a) SPR intensity profiles for influenza A viral particles captured on PEG and anti-influenza A antibody-functionalized sensor surfaces. (b) Relative binding probabilities of influenza A on PEG and anti-influenza A antibody-functionalized surfaces, and binding of a different virus HCMV on anti-influenza antibody spots as a control. Adapted from [48]. (B) A SPRi micrograph of (a) IAV or (b) HIV-VLP captured functionalized surfaces. Viruses appear as bright spots on grey background. Intensity change with the binding event of IAV and HIV-VLPs is seen in (c) and (d) as signal increase, respectively. Adapted from [35]. (C) (a) Schematic representation of the planar waveguide chip and detection of fluorescently labeled vesicles in (b) fluorescence and (c) scattering modes. Adapted from [80] (Reprinted with permission from [80], Copyright 2015 American Chemical Society).

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