Figure 2:

Examples of LSPR-based integrated devices.

(A) Plasmonic biosensor platform using dual-color lens-free on-chip imaging configuration. Two LEDs employed for the simultaneous illumination of the microfluidic chips, a scheme of all the components in the device, and a picture showing the microfluidics onto nanohole arrays. Reprinted with permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd.: Scientific Reports [18]. © Copyright 2014. (B) Picture of a complete custom-made transmission LSPR (T-LSPR) setup, including the digital rendering of the components and their relative distances and dimensions. Reprinted with permission from [19]. © Copyright 2015 American Chemical Society. (C) Handheld, battery-operated LOC system. It contains four printed circuit boards (one for power management; a board for the central processor unit, power supply, stepper motor and touch-screen display controller, the USB communication, and the flash card memory; and two others for temperature controllers and for four lock-in amplifiers, respectively). The inset image shows the module for LSPR application based on the reflection using an optical head incorporating four LEDs with different wavelengths and a single photodiode as detector. Adapted and reproduced with permission from [20]. © Copyright Royal Society of Chemistry.

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