Figure 6

Integration of lipid bilayer membranes with plasmonic nanostructures. (A) Supported lipid bilayers formed on the SiO2 surface at the base of Au nanoholes. From Dahlin et al. [65]. (B) Intact vesicles tethered to SiO2 inside Au nanoholes via hybridization of complimentary DNA strands. From Dahlin et al. [129]. (C) Lipid bilayers formed over Ag nanocubes. The SAM on the nanocubes leads to a hybrid SAM-lipid bilayer that covers the nanocubes, while a lipid bilayer is formed on the glass between nanocubes. Adapted from Galush et al. [130]. (D) A lipid bilayer membrane suspended over nanopores in a free-standing Au film coated with an SiO2 shell. Adapted from Im et al. [127]. (E) A lipid bilayer membrane decorated with proteins covering a Au nanorod. Adapted from Baciu et al. [23].

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