Figure 5

DNA nanostructures with NPs. (A) Multicolor nanobeacons (adapted from Song et al.104). (B) Polyadenine (polyA) blocks for adjusting the DNA probe conformations on Au nanoparticles (adapted from Pei et al.107). (C) Modulating the thermodynamics and kinetics of DNA hybridization though different length of PolyA blocks (adapted from Zhu et al.108). (d) Adjusting the DNA probe conformations on Ag nanoparticles though Polycytosine (polyC) blocks (adapted from Zhu et al.114). (E) DNA scaffolds self-assembled from different sets of chimeric DNA strands for valence-engineered QDs. (adapted from Shen et al.116). (F) DNA origami nanocage to encapsulate AuNPs (adapted from Zhao et al.118).

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