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Laban (Person)

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception

Kalam – Lectio Divina

Volume 15
Editor(s): Christine Helmer, Steven L. McKenzie, Thomas Römer, Jens Schröter, Barry Dov Walfish, Eric J. Ziolkowski
De Gruyter (Berlin, Boston) 2017

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Holger Gzella

Laban (MT Lābān; LXX Λαβαν), the son of Bethuel (Gen 28:5) and grandson of Abraham’s brother Nahor (29:5), appears in the Abraham cycle as the brother of Isaac’s wife Rebekah (Gen 24–25) and in the Jacob cycle as the father of Jacob’s wives Leah and Rachel (27–31). The name is related to the root l–b–n “to be white,” possibly referring to the moon (Zadok: 44), and occurs in several West Semitic languages (see the attestations in Schult: 86), but does not feature in the traditional Hebrew onomas…

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