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Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception

Aaron – Aniconism

Volume 1
Editor(s): Hans-Josef Klauck, Volker Leppin, Bernard McGinn, Choon-Leong Seow, Hermann Spieckermann, Barry Dov Walfish, Eric J. Ziolkowski
De Gruyter (Berlin, New York) 2012

A warrior counted among David’s 30 men whose name appears as Abi-Albon (MT ʾĂbî-ʿ Albôn; 2 Sam 23 : 31). Textual corruption is frequently assumed, however, given Septuagint Αβιηλ υἱος του̑ Αραβωθίτου “Abiel son of the Arbathite” and the reflex of the name in 1 Chr 11 : 32 ( ʾby ʾl hʿ rbty “Abiel the Arbathite”; LXX Αβιηλ ὁ Γαραβεθθι). The name is not attested at Qumran. The Aramaic tradition has ʾbyʿ lbwn “Abialbon” (Tg. Neb.) and  ʾby br  ʾby ʿ lmwn “Abi son of Abialmon”; the Vulgate reads Abi…

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