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Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception

Aaron – Aniconism

Volume 1
Editor(s): Hans-Josef Klauck, Volker Leppin, Bernard McGinn, Choon-Leong Seow, Hermann Spieckermann, Barry Dov Walfish, Eric J. Ziolkowski
De Gruyter (Berlin, New York) 2009

The Hebrew term ʾāb, which is known from the Babylonian calendar as abu, denotes the 5th month of the present Jewish calendar (corresponding roughly to July‑August). The month of Ab is not attested in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, but first appears in Jewish writings of the Christian era (cf. MegTa 5; mRH 1 : 3; mTaan 4 : 5–8). In Judaism, the 9th of Ab (tišʿ â bĕ ʾāb ) is a major annual fast day, which commemorates that, according to Jewish tradition, both the First and the Second Temple wer…

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