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How registered users benefit from De Gruyter Online

De Gruyter Online offers numerous features supporting efficient, manifold and easy ways to work with De Gruyter's electronic content for researchers in every academic discipline.

Registered users own their personal user account featuring more services that simplify the use of our publications:

  • Add articles and book content to your personal bookshelf.
  • Save and manage searches.
  • Receive Subject Alerts, Table of Content Alerts, Ahead of Print Alerts, New Entry Alerts for Databases and ePackage Alerts by email.
  • Receive Citation Alerts and new results for saved searches by email.
  • Purchase our publications in our webshop, including single articles, chapter, and database entries. You will be authenticated for your content immediately after buying.
  • Use your personal bookshelf to build your own De Gruyter Select Book from selected contents and order it as an exclusive print edition.

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