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Readership Flourishes at the Open-Access Journal Public History Weekly

February 21, 2014

Within just five months, Public History Weekly (PHW), De Gruyter Oldenbourg's open-access journal for history and civics education, has developed into an important online discussion forum.

PHW strives to build bridges between research and professional practice, politics and academia, as well as between university and secondary-school education. The journal’s articles, which appear weekly, have attracted a great deal of commentary from readers, thus testifying to their impact.

"The commentary at Public History Weekly, which is compelling for its high level of competency and insight, demonstrates that innovative publication formats and grounded scholarly debate are no contradiction," says Martin Rethmeier, Senior Editorial Director for History at De Gruyter Oldenbourg. "Valentin Groebner's Hot Property, Cool Storage, Grey Literature is the second article to appear in English, and in the future we aim to cater even more closely to an international audience."

Once a week, on Thursday at 8 a.m., a new lead article is posted to Public History Weekly. The BlogJournal, which has been online since 5 September 2013, is an open forum, providing academics, teachers, as well as lay readers with an opportunity to write about and discuss current issues in history and civics education. Articles appearing at the site are open to comments, which are moderated and posted once daily.

Visit PHW at www.public-history-weekly.oldenbourg-verlag.de