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The Sammlung Tusculum, Available as of March at De Gruyter Online

January 17, 2014

The most comprehensive series of ancient classics in world literature, the Sammlung Tusculum, is available as of March 2014 at De Gruyter Online, ninety years after the publication of its first volume. Tusculum Online is an extensive e-book package comprising 270 volumes, including previously out-of-print titles and rarities such as Tacitus's "Tiberius: Rome's History Since Augustus's Death" and the volume "Pompeii Wall Inscriptions," both of which are being made available again in print.

"We are extremely pleased to make this important work fully accessible again, now in digital form," says Dr. Anke Beck, President of Publishing at De Gruyter. "It is a true highlight of our classical studies catalog."

The new academic advisory board for the series is headed by Niklas Holzberg and Bernhard Zimmermann. They envision a number of innovative changes, including the further development of the volumes' content structure, as well as an expanded thematic scope. For example, essays in the new volumes will delve into specific aspects of the individual works, illuminating their historical context and reception to the present day. The overall scope of the Sammlung Tusculum will be expanded to encompass works from Late Antiquity as well as Christian, Byzantine, Neo-Latin literature. New publications in the series will also be available in digital form.

"The expanded scope and digital availability of the Sammlung Tusculum bring a contemporary orientation to this indispensable resource on the ancient world," says Dr. Serena Pirrotta, De Gruyter's Senior Acquisitions Editor for Classical Studies. "The digitalization of the series is an important step for ensuring this cultural treasure is accessible in its entirety to a new generation of readers – both now and in the future."