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Diagnosis – De Gruyter’s New Open Access Medical Journal

January 7, 2014

De Gruyter is proud to present its new Open Access journal Diagnosis, which responds to reawakened interest in medical diagnosis. The journal is edited by two internationally distinguished physicians: Dr. Mark L. Graber of St James, New York, and Dr. Mario Plebani of Padua, Italy.

"We've been witnessing a renaissance in diagnosis, as there is ever-greater awareness of the consequences that diagnostic errors can have for patient safety," says Dr. Mario Plebani. "Our new journal provides a needed discussion forum for all groups involved in medical diagnosis and its consequences, including patients, primary care providers, health organizations, insurance companies, educators and researchers." Dr Graber adds: “Our goal is to advance the science behind the diagnostic process, and improve diagnosis in practice.”

Diagnosis publishes peer-reviewed, English-language articles on the following subjects: Factors that promote diagnostic quality and safety; known and unknown causes of diagnostic error; diagnostic innovations; how culture and removing blame promote awareness of diagnostic errors; training and education related to clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills; advances in laboratory testing and imaging that improve diagnostic capability; and local, national, and international initiatives to reduce diagnostic error.

"We're extremely pleased to have a new journal in our catalog that addresses an issue at the center of heated discussion worldwide," says Dr. Till Meinert, Senior Editorial Director of Medicine & Life Sciences at De Gruyter. "Thanks to Open Access publication, the journal is sure to reach interested parties quickly, and make a notable contribution to the professional dialogue.”