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De Gruyter to Publish the Annals of the German Schiller Society

September 23, 2013

Beginning in 2014 De Gruyter will publish the annals of the German Schiller Society (Jahrbuch der Deutschen Schillergesellschaft) both in print and electronically. The annals, a German-language publication titled Internationale Organ für Neuere Deutsche Literatur (The International Organ for Modern German Literature) is produced on behalf of the German Schiller Society’s executive board, which is composed of Wilfried Barner, Christine Lubkoll, Ernst Osterkamp, and Ulrich Raulff.

"We're extremely pleased by this significant enrichment of our catalog in literary studies," says Anke Beck, President of Publishing at De Gruyter. In addition to offering the annals as a high-quality printed work, De Gruyter will also distribute the publication electronically in an appealing format through its online distribution platform, thus further enhancing its reception.

"The annals of the German Schiller Society has been the leading voice of German-language literary studies for nearly sixty years. We're looking forward to elevating the international visibility of the publication in partnership with De Gruyter," says Ulrich Raulff, Director of the German Literary Archive in Marbach.

The annals of the German Schiller Society is a forum for academics as well as laypersons interested in literature. It publishes articles about German-language literature from the Enlightenment to the present day, and also releases annually an international bibliography of publications on Schiller. Articles concerning the history of German-language studies and literature since 1945 as well as current problems in literary studies and literary life are an additional thematic focus. Furthermore, the publication is a key forum for the first-time release of important documents and manuscripts.