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De Gruyter Completes Integration with Akademie and Oldenbourg Anke Beck and Carsten Buhr Appointed as Managing Directors

August 1, 2013

Four months after De Gruyter announced its purchase of Akademie and Oldenbourg, the publishing houses have now completed their technical integration. The organizational structure of the consolidated company has also been revamped.

"Over the past few months we've worked hard on harnessing the added value from our purchase of Akademie and Oldenbourg to deliver benefits to our customers and authors," Sven Fund, CEO of the De Gruyter Group, said. With technical integration complete, the electronic publications of all three publishing houses are now available at De Gruyter Online (www.degruyter.com). Furthermore, all customers outside of the German-speaking world are now served by De Gruyter's distribution team in Europe and North America.More information you will find here.

"The integration of the publishing houses has been a difficult task, and we're thankful for the support we have received from customers, authors, and publishers over the past few months," Fund added. To thank partners and customers, all digital content from Akademie and Oldenbourg will be made available for four weeks free of charge beginning August 5th.

The adoption of Akademie's and Oldenbourg's publication portfolios has also led to several organizational changes. Anke Beck, De Gruyter's Vice President of Publishing for Humanities and the Social Sciences, will serve on the newly composed three-member executive board as managing director and will be responsible for all editorial departments. Carsten Buhr, Group CFO, has also been appointed to the executive board, and will oversee all operative departments, such as production.

Katrin Siems, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, has seized this moment of reorientation at the company to move on to new challenges. "The last four years at De Gruyter were a very interesting time for me, and we achieved a lot. Now I would like to test my abilities in another role," Ms. Siems said. Her responsibilities will be taken over by Sven Fund, the chairman of the executive board.

"We're very thankful to Katrin Siems for her dedication, and we hope her future endeavors are crowned with the same success," said Fund. "Over the last five years De Gruyter has experienced 30% growth in staff worldwide and nearly 60% growth in revenues. That wouldn't have been possible without an excellent team – a team of which we are very proud."