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De Gruyter Signs Content Licensing Agreement for over 200 Journals with GENIOS, an Economic Information Portal

July 9, 2013

Effective immediately content from more than 200 De Gruyter journals is being offered to users of the economic information portal GENIOS. In addition to titles in the fields of economics and political science, the agreement covers journals in the humanities and natural sciences.

"The inclusion of our digital content in the GEnios database is an excellent opportunity for De Gruyter to reach new readers," says Katrin Siems, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at De Gruyter. "The partnership provides business customers – among others – with convenient access to our publications."

Alongside economic journals such as the Journal of Econometric Methods and the Journal of Globalization and Development, GENIOS readers now have access to Biological Chemistry, Germanistik, and Information – Wissenschaft & Praxis, which are leading publications in their respective fields.

For over thirty years GENIOS has been providing research and information services to international companies, small and mid-sized firms, as well as law offices, government agencies, and publishing houses. "We're deeply committed to expanding our portfolio of professional journals, particularly in the field of economics," says Ralf Hennemann, Marketing & Sales Director at GBI-Genios. "The licensing agreement with De Gruyter provides us with first-class content from a renowned academic publisher."