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Unrestricted Backlist Access – De Gruyter Presents its New Open Access Model for E-dition Titles

April 15, 2013

With De Gruyter's new Open Access model, some 45,000 e-dition titles from the publishing house's backlist can be made freely accessible. For €1,500 or $2,100 customers can purchase an e-book in the same standard as a work produced normally through De Gruyter's e-dition program. The book is then made freely accessible at De Gruyter Online under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND.

This new Open Access offering is directed first and foremost at libraries and research institutes, and a discount is offered when multiple titles are purchased simultaneously. Yet individuals can also take advantage of this offer. Authors, for example, can choose to make their previously published works available as Open Access. The new Open Access model is available for all publications released in 2004 or earlier and which are not available in any "Best Of" packages.

"Providing an Open Access option for e-dition titles expands De Gruyter's existing Open Access offerings," says Katrin Siems, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at De Gruyter. "Library customers and authors can not only make new publications and current journal articles available as Open Access – now, they can also make archive titles freely accessible in digital format."

At the beginning of April De Gruyter began offering 100 selected titles from its e-dition program at the crowdfunding platform Unglue.it, so that they can be made accessible worldwide as Open Access books.