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Creative Commons License to Apply to All Open Access Content Published by De Gruyter

February 14, 2013

Effective immediately De Gruyter and Versita will be publishing all Open Access content under the uniform application of Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND. This means that publications may be copied, disseminated, and otherwise made public by users under the following conditions:

- The name of the author/copyright owner must be mentioned in the manner requested by the author/copyright owner.

- The publication and its content may not be used in its Open Access format for commercial purposes.

- The publication and its content may not be edited, modified, or otherwise changed.

Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND is already the basis for the publishing contract concluded just days ago between De Gruyter and the Max Planck Society for the publication of Open Access books.

"With the use of this publication standard De Gruyter is catering to the wishes of researchers and scientific institutions. It provides for the widest possible dissemination of content while also ensuring that the rights of the copyright owners are protected," says Sven Fund, CEO of De Gruyter. "The uniform application of the CC-BY license offers authors a reliable foundation for publishing their works. It also enables them to apply for grants and subsidies without undue administrative effort."

In 2012 De Gruyter and Versita published over 10,000 Open Access articles in some 300 journals. Since 2009 a large number of books and book chapters have also been published under the Open Access standard. In addition to publication in dedicated Open Access journals, De Gruyter and Versita offer OA publication in established subscription journals (so-called Hybrid Open Access).