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De Gruyter Prize in Philosophy awarded in Cologne

September 21, 2018

The De Gruyter Prize for philosophy of the mind and ontology/metaphysics was awarded at the Congress of the Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie (GAP – Society for Analytical Philosophy) in Cologne on Monday, one of the largest and most important events in academic philosophy. The congress takes place every three years.

The De Gruyter Prize is awarded to an exceptional work in the area of the philosophy of the mind or ontology/metaphysics. The prize includes EUR 2,000 as well as the publication of the work as an open access e-book, which is also available as a printed book.

This year’s winner is Dr. Romy Jaster (Humboldt University Berlin) whose dissertation “Agents’ Abilities” was so convincing that Dr. Jaster is also one of the three winners of the Wolfgang Stegmüller Prize. In her work, she redefines the philosophical term abilities of agents, e.g. beings with the capacity to act and focuses thoroughly on the question of free will.

The Wolfgang Stegmüller Prize is one of the most renowned international prizes for early-career scholars in analytical philosophy. The prize is worth EUR 12,000 and is awarded to three outstanding papers in analytical philosophy and is also presented at the GAP.

From the 2018 De Gruyter Prize Jury Announcement at the GAP:  “In addition to the quality of Romy Jaster’s scholarship, the dissertation is a breathtaking paradigm of analytical philosophy in the best sense of the term. Her approach is not only so respectful and benevolent in terms of how she reconstructs competing opinions, but also unrelentingly critical and stubborn in how she defends her convictions. Her prose is simple and elegant; her argumentation is convincing. There is no doubt that a philosopher of Romy Jaster’s capability deserves the 2018 De Gruyter Prize.”

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