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UK customers of Birkhäuser books to be served closer to home

February 8, 2018

UK customers of Birkhäuser, Ambra, Detail and De Gruyter Arts titles will be better served from 1 March 2018 when services will be moved from Sigloch Distribution in Germany to Marston Distribution in the UK. Marketing and sales for these titles in the UK will be managed by Mare Nostrum, who will work with Quantum Publishing Solutions to handle the orders from UK bookshops.

Our UK customers should please note the following:

•    New orders:  from 1 March 2018, customers should send all new orders for all Birkhäuser, Ambra, Detail and De Gruyter Art titles to Marston UK quoting their standard Marston Account number.
•    Recorded orders:  All recorded orders will be transferred to Marston on 1 March 2018. 
•    Returns:  Birkhäuser, Ambra, Detail & De Gruyter Art titles supplied by Sigloch Distribution should be returned to Sigloch Distribution and will be accepted provided that the standard returns conditions are met. Marston will not accept returns of titles supplied by Sigloch Distribution.

For further information for UK customers, please contact Marston Distribution as follows:

•    Customers WITH Marston Accounts: 
    - e-mail: trade.orders@marston.co.uk
    - tel:  +44 1235 465 575
•    Customers WITHOUT Marston Accounts: 
    - e-mail:  direct.orders@marston.co.uk
    - tel:  +44 1235 465 577

All customers outside of the UK will continue to be served through their usual channels.

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