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The e-dition Project: Over 6,000 Backlist Titles Digitized Over a Two-Year Period

May 23, 2012

In the last two years De Gruyter has successfully digitized over 6,000 backlist titles from its collection of books published over the last two-and-a-half centuries. "Digitalization on Demand" is the credo of the e-dition project, as books are only digitized following a specific customer order. In total De Gruyter now offers some 50,000 titles in digital format – some from 1749, the year of the publishing house's founding.

"The success of the e-dition project has significantly exceeded our expectations. We're immensely pleased that the demand from libraries has been so strong," Katrin Siems, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, said at the Librarians' Day conference in Hamburg. The project clearly shows that publishers can play an important commercial role in the migration from printed to electronic content. The e-dition project is still running on cylinders. "Each week we receive approximately 50 orders for non-digitized titles, and the majority of digitized books have been ordered more than once."

e-dition publications as well as "Print on Demand" titles and eBooks are available at De Gruyter's online platform at www.degruyter.com. The primary customers of the e-dition project are educational and research institutions that want to make their collections more accessible, as well as private customers who want expand their libraries with titles that are no longer available. e-dition titles are available from De Gruyter and book retailers. "Book retailers have played a considerable role in the success of the e-dition project," Katrin Siems said, praising the publishing house's collaboration with its retail partners.