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New House Style for De Gruyter Books and Periodicals

May 18, 2012

As part of an intensive collaboration with the renowned design agency Edenspiekermann, the De Gruyter House Style project group has developed a new typography that will now be introduced for the internal layout of all periodicals and books.

"The new house style will provide De Gruyter's publications with a distinct and unmistakable character," Production Director Gregor Messmer said. "In developing the new typography, we sought to ensure clear structure and legibility, as well as a high degree of readability for all publication types and subject areas."

The new typography is based on the "Meta" font family, which was expanded with a host of new custom characters for De Gruyter. The new font, named "De Gruyter Meta Science," includes a complete selection of Latin, Greek, and phonetic unicode characters, as well as a large private use area. The unique design of the typeface in combination with the use of dynamic font sizes provides a clear typographic style that will considerably augment the visual appeal of De Gruyter's print and electronic publications. De Gruyter will gradually transition to the new typography for all publications over the course of the year.

In 2009 the publishing house relaunched its corporate design for all book covers, advertising materi-als, and business stationery, thus establishing a consistent brand image. "The introduction of a new and unified typography for our publications is a natural extension of this branding effort," Katja Brockmann, the House Style project manager, said. "The visual appeal of the typography will be sure to enhance the positive perception of our products."