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De Gruyter Online BETA out now

November 4, 2011

De Gruyter has launched this public beta website for testing purposes before the actual new online platform De Gruyter Online will go live in mid December 2011.

The new website aims at consolidating title information, currently accessible on www.degruyter.com, and eBooks, eJournals and databases, at present still available on www.reference-global.com. Due to the combination of title research and electronic content under one roof, the new web presence will replace the current Reference Global platform, which will cease to exist in its present form. The move to the new platform will allow De Gruyter to offer their users a revised page structure that makes performing research easier and simplifies access to electronic content. Apart from that, users can expect a number of many new and improved features on the new De Gruyter Online. On the current De Gruyter website, users can find information on how the switch will affect them.