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The Inscriptiones Graecae Receives Greece's Most Prestigious Scientific Award. The Academy of Athens has awarded the project its highest prize for excellence in scientific research

April 8, 2016

The Gold Medal of the Academy of Athens, Greece's most prestigious scientific award, was bestowed upon the Inscriptiones Graecae project on 24 March 2016. For more than 200 years, scholars at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences have been researching and preserving ancient Greek inscriptions in all of their historical richness. The research project, which is the academy’s oldest, was originally called the Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum. In 1825, the first fascicle of the project was published by "Verlag Georg Reimer," which later gave rise to Walter de Gruyter & Co. To this day, the Inscriptiones Graecae remains one of the most important sources of knowledge about the history, art, culture, laws, and public and private lives of the ancient Greeks. As part of the project, De Gruyter has published more than 60 volumes, comprising some 150,000 inscriptions.