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New from De Gruyter: The Journal of Pedagogy and Theology

February 17, 2016

Starting this year, De Gruyter will add the Zeitschrift für Pädagogik und Theologie [Journal of Pedagogy and Theology, ZPT] to its theology catalog. The journal, which was previously published by "Diesterweg Verlag" (part of the Westermann Group), is geared toward individuals who teach or are concerned with religious pedagogy in academia, schools, and churches, as well as the interested lay public.

Founded in 1949 as Der Evangelische Erzieher [The Protestant Educator], the ZPT, is one of the world's leading journals for the entire field of religious pedagogy. The ZPT introduces readers to current research, covers new developments and publications, initiates debates, and delivers a dynamic impetus for conducting religious education in schools and communities.

"The Zeitschrift für Pädagogik und Theologie is a superb addition to our catalog, enriching it in the area of religious pedagogy. We're looking forward to honoring the journal's rich tradition by paving the way for its digital future," says Dr. Albrecht Döhnert, Editorial Director for Theology & Religious Studies at De Gruyter. "The quality of the journal is assured thanks to its continued stewardship in the hands of an experienced Editorial Board, which is composed of outstanding experts in the field."

The Zeitschrift für Pädagogik und Theologie will continue to appear on a quarterly basis, but will also be available digitally for the first time. The electronic edition of the issues released in 2016 (Volume 68) will be freely accessible to all readers. Furthermore, all past issues will be made available at the De Gruyter Journal Archive.