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Alexander Faust to become Production Director effective 1 January 2016, replacing Gregor Messmer, who will retire

December 9, 2015

Effective 1 January 2016, Alexander Faust will serve as De Gruyter's new Production Director. Faust will take the reins from Gregor Messmer, who is retiring at the end of 2015.

Alexander Faust has been with De Gruyter since 2009. He first worked to expand Journal Production, before taking on responsibility for Book Production in 2012. Together with Gregor Messmer, Faust reorganized these two departments, modernizing their production processes. Faust completed his studies in Leipzig before gathering professional experience in Switzerland. Starting in 2016, Faust will be responsible for the overall management of the four production departments: Book Production, Journal Production, eProducts and Standards, and Purchasing.

"Alexander Faust has many years of experience as a team leader; he has helped to steer De Gruyter's development and thus has excellent knowledge of the company," says Andreas Paminger, De Gruyter's Director of Operations. "De Gruyter has benefited tremendously from Faust's contributions, and we'll be glad to see him as head of production in 2016."

Over the last seven years, Gregor Messmer has been instrumental in encouraging greater standardization at De Gruyter. Under his direction, De Gruyter’s house style was developed and implemented. Furthermore, Messmer helped to prepare the ground and ultimately introduce automated processes for digital printing. "We would like to underscore our gratitude for Messmer's contributions in past years and we wish him the very best as he enters retirement," says Andreas Paminger.