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De Gruyter involved in another important blow against internet piracy

February 17, 2012

Participating in an international alliance of publishers and publishers’ associations De Gruyter yesterday achieved an important success in the combat against internet piracy. Overcoming significant technical and legal obstacles, the publishers were able to locate the alleged operators of the sharehoster service “www.ifile.it” and the link library “www.library.nu“, and to serve judicial cease-and-desist orders to these operators.

The two entities created and operated an "internet library" which made available illegally more than 400,000 e-books, in very good quality, for immediate, free and anonymous download, including various famous titles from De Gruyter. The operators made an estimated turnover of € 8 million ($10,602,400 US) from advertising buys on the sites, donations and sales of premium-level accounts, making it one of the most significant piracy websites in the world.

„Publishers like De Gruyter interested in transparent, honest and fair trade of digital content on the Internet must not be frightened by illegal activities on copyright crime“, says Dr. Sven Fund, CEO of De Gruyter.

The particularly dangerousness of the services lies in the close interconnection of a sharehoster service and a link resource. With this interconnection it has been possible to make all copyrighted works which have been uploaded illegally accessible to the public, without limitations. Extensive claims by the international publishers were able to be asserted against the service providers who had partially concealed their identities.

Here, De Gruyter and all participating publishers continue to follow the route of not simply accepting copyright infringements, but rather taking all available legal measures against the large illegal platforms.