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De Gruyter renews Kant and Nietzsche edition projects

February 6, 2012

The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences have concluded contracts with De Gruyter which will provide a major impetus for the publication of the complete editions of Nietzsche and Kant.

De Gruyter’s agreement with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences provides for the reissue and the completion of the critical edition of Kant's Collected Works. This 26-volume edition will be published in four sections up until 2022. As each printed volume appears, its digital version will become available as well. The four sections cover Kant’s works, letters and documents, his legacy and lecture notes.

The contract with the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences provides for the publication of seven new commentary volumes on the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. These commentary volumes are all integrated into De Gruyter’s Nietzsche Online database.

“This collaboration with the two academies shows that De Gruyter upholds a longstanding tradition that is combined with a high level of product innovation and content standards,” comments Dr. Anke Beck, Vice President Publishing Humanities at De Gruyter. “We are delighted with this further important addition to our renowned philosophy program.”

The Works of Friedrich Nietzsche - Critical Edition (KGW) has been published by De Gruyter since 1967, while the Nietzsche Online database with over 100,000 pages by and about Nietzsche was first created in 2010. From 1900 onwards, the Georg Reimer publishing company – one of the five founding publishers of De Gruyter – issued the ‘Large Academy Edition’ of the works of Immanuel Kant. Apart from one outstanding volume section, this edition is now complete.