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Leibniz Prize Recipient Hartmut Leppin is the New Editor of the Historical Journal Historische Zeitschrift

January 29, 2015

Hartmut Leppin, Professor of Ancient History at Goethe University Frankfurt, is the new co-editor of the historical journal Historische Zeitschrift (HZ).

One of Germany's leading scholars in ancient history, Prof. Leppin is renowned internationally as an expert on late antiquity and early Christianity. He is also a 2015 recipient of the Leibniz Prize, perhaps Germany's most prestigious research award. "We're extremely pleased that the journal has found a successor to Prof. Lothar Gall of such merit and international renown," says Dr. Anke Beck, Managing Director of De Gruyter. "The continued high quality of the journal is assured with Prof. Leppin and Andreas Fahrmeir at the helm."

Prof. Gall will retire as editor of the journal after 40 years of service. As the journal's editor Prof. Gall played a significant role in shaping German historical research.

The first issue of the journal with Prof. Leppin as co-editor will appear in February, coincident with the release of his new book "Antike Mythologie in christlichen Kontexten der Spätantike" [Ancient Mythology in the Christian Contexts of Late Antiquity].