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De Gruyter Publisher Guarantee helps restore trust in the subscription business. Strong growth in participation since launch

October 22, 2014

At the beginning of October De Gruyter took the initiative of developing the De Gruyter Publisher Guarantee, ensuring that print journal subscriptions and book continuation orders can be delivered and electronic formats kept available, even if a retailer partnering with De Gruyter goes bankrupt or otherwise suffers financial difficulties.

Take-up among intermediaries has been strong so far, both in Germany and internationally. “EBSCO appreciates De Gruyter’s prompt responsiveness to Swet’s recent bankruptcy as an intermediary of important transactions between libraries and publishers”, said Luke Davies, Director Publisher Relations at EBSCO. “EBSCO is interested in participating in initiatives that sensibly address the need to regularly evaluate the health of all companies and organizations that act as holders of public funds intended to fund the creation of academic scholarship.”

Letizia Gentile, CEO at Licosa added: “We are all very happy that a publisher of global dimension and global reach such as De Gruyter has decided to launch this reassuring and clever initiative. It surely means that the uncertainties and risks of the shrinking publishing markets have been deeply analysed by De Gruyter. Therefore taking the decision of fulfilling its tasks towards its library- customers reassures them totally on both what they deserve and on what they will get in the end.“

The following booksellers and subscription agents are already participating in the De Gruyter initiative: Dietmar Dreier, EBSCO, Harrassowitz, Karger Libri international journal agency, Maruzen, Missing Link, Licosa, Littrade Litteraturservice, Massmann international booksellers, Schweitzer Fachinformationen, vub GmbH. At http://www.degruyter.com/page/965 you can view the current list of participating retailers as well as the agreement between De Gruyter and its partners.