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De Gruyter donates access to top Wikipedia editors

October 1, 2014

De Gruyter will give access to all of its scholarly content to 1.000 highly active Wikipedia editors and will allow them to use it for their encyclopedia research. The editors are offered the opportunity to read ebooks, journals and database entries on De Gruyter Online, when they write articles for Wikipedia.

“De Gruyter is looking at ways to further enhance the use of scholarly content, and we are convinced that our cooperation with Wikipedia is an excellent way to reach this goal”, says Dr. Sven Fund, De Gruyter’s CEO. “We expect external links from Wikipedia into De Gruyter content as well as usage to increase from this cooperation.”

“Wikipedia strives to create even better content for its users, and a partnership like the one with De Gruyter is instrumental in achieving that goal”, says Jake Orlowitz, Head of The Wikipedia Library - a project funded by the Wikimedia Foundation. “De Gruyter offers 18.5 million documents in its system, and we are excited that our top editors can use them now.”

The Wikipedia Library and De Gruyter have agreed on measures to secure not only its copyright, but also on clear rules of who will get access to De Gruyter’s scholarly content. “Scholarly publishing has always been about sharing knowledge and not building fences, and we are glad to cooperate on this project”, Fund adds.