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Never Before Published in English: The Library of Chinese Humanities Will Be Available as Open Access at De Gruyter Online

July 18, 2014

China's classical literary heritage from the beginning of the Common Era through the 13th century will be systematically published for the first time in bilingual Chinese-English editions. The Library of Chinese Humanities, which is slated to comprise 20 volumes, will provide academics and interested readers around the globe with access to seminal works of ancient Chinese literature in their original versions alongside faithful and easily comprehensible translations.

"The publication of bilingual editions of classic works has a long tradition – De Gruyter's Sammlung Tusculum is just one example," says Michiel Klein Swormink, Senior Editorial Director at De Gruyter's Boston office. "However, bilingual editions of Chinese classics have been lacking to date."

The idea of creating a Library of Chinese Humanities originated from two renowned US Sinologists, Paul Kroll (University of Colorado) and Stephen Owen (Harvard University), who are serving as advisory editors for the series, together with five additional editors. The series will publish texts from various genres, and will not be restricted to purely literary works. This unique collection will be published as Open Access with the financial assistance of the Mellon Foundation Distinguished Achievement Award, which was bestowed upon Prof. Owen.

The first volumes, which are scheduled to appear at the beginning of 2015, will be devoted to the poetry of Du Fu, one of the most important poets of the Tang dynasty.