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De Gruyter implements ORCID and FundRef. Increased transparency with respect to authorship and research funding

June 26, 2014

De Gruyter is making it easier for authors and their funding sources to be identified and recognised in its electronic and print publications through the implementation of ORCID (www.orcid.org) and FundRef (www.crossref.org/fundref).

ORCID is an open, independent, non-profit application which allows scientists to create and maintain unique profiles and identifiers for themselves and their work. De Gruyter is now automatically offering this benefit to all authors and contributors from the moment a manuscript is submitted.

Scientists that register on ORCID are assigned an identifier which they can use to link and manage all publications. “One of the biggest challenges in the digital age lies in clearly assigning scientific texts in journals and books to their authors,” said Dr. Sven Fund, Managing Director at De Gruyter. “With ORCID, we are offering our authors the service and advantage of having their work more clearly identified with them.”

The bibliographic details saved to ORCID by De Gruyter authors are automatically referenced on De Gruyter Online and in the bibliographic information in the print versions of books and journals.

De Gruyter has now also made it possible for articles in journals and books to be linked with FundRef. The agency financing the research can be identified from a list of funding bodies. The advantage of this is that it enhances transparency with respect to funding. “Information about research funding is really important for open access publications in particular and constitutes an additional service for our authors and their funders,” explained Sven Fund.