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The last update 2019 features 4 more chapters of the Annelida series:

Annelida: Pleistoannelida, Sedentaria III and Errantia I

  • Ampharetidae Malmgren, 1866, by Brigitte Ebbe, Günter Purschke
  • Pectinariidae Quatrefages, 1866, by Pat Hutchings, Orlemir Carrerette, João Miguel de Matos Nogueira
  • Terebellidae s.l.: Polycirridae Malmgren, 1866, Terebellidae Johnston, 1846, Thelepodidae Hessle, 1917, Trichobranchidae Malmgren, 1866, and Telothelepodidae Nogueira, Fitzhugh & Hutchings, 2013, by Pat Hutchings, João Miguel de Matos Nogueira, Orlemir Carrerette
  • Annelida: Pleistoannelida, Errantia II, Phyllodocida

  • Sigalionidae Kinberg, 1856, by Danny Eibye-Jacobsen, Charatsee Aungtonya, Brett C. Gonzalez
  • The previous updates in 2019 included the complete volume Annelida - Basal Groups and Pleistoannelida, Sedentaria I, edited by G Purschke, M Böggemann and W Westheide plus exclusive new articles from the upcoming volume Phylum Bryozoa (hrsg von T Schwaha). In addition, the volume Miscellaneous Invertebrates (edited by A Schmidt-Rhaesa) was completely updated.

    We are also happy to announce the following print publications:
    Annelida - Basal Groups and Pleistoannelida, Sedentaria I (edited by G Purschke, M Böggemann and W Westheide, published March 2019)

    Nannomecoptera and Neomecoptera (edited by R Beutel and F Friedrich, published in September 2019)

    Annelida Band 2: Pleistoannelida, Sedentaria II (edited by G Purschke, M Böggemann and W Westheide to be published in February 2020)