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Internationale Jahresbibliographie der Festschriften

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Festschriften (publications with essays celebrating an anniversary in the life of a well-known person or an institution) are an important academic forum, especially in the Humanities and Social Sciences. With IJBF this important information in easily accessible for the public.

Adding over 1,000 Festschriften every year, IJBF is the only regularly published Festschrift bibliography with an international coverage. IJBF online contains over 20,000 publications with 240,000 entries which have subject classification and 609,500 entries in the whole. The database covers the years 1986ff. Entries in IJBF are classified by experts by using controlled vocabulary thus making access to articles published in Festschriften covering a certain topic easily accessible.

Questions about the content of IJBF can be directed to the editorial office.