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Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations Online

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Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations!

Jewish-Christian relations have a long history and did not start at the end of World War II. The Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations (EJCR) documents, critically analyses, and reflects on decisive aspects, themes, and periods in this regard. The encounters and relations were not always and exclusively hostile, although Christian disrespect and contempt of Jews overshadowed them to a vast and dominating extent. It is also the case that anti-Christian teachings have appeared through Jewish history, whether in response to persecution, in formal disputation, or in philosophical responses.

However, the view of Jews and Christians as implacable opponents battling for their version of truth, of Jews living as insular pariahs within a hostile world, the tale of persecution by the mighty of the weak, or what Salo Baron critiqued as the “lachrymose conception of Jewish history”, has given way in recent years to a much more nuanced understanding of areas of congruence, of cultural, economic, and social interchange. For a long time these interchanges between Jews and Christians were those of highly unequal participants, where an imbalance in terms of political and academic power had a decisive impact on the exchange in that the Jewish participants were denied recognition on equal par at theological as well as at institutional level. Nevertheless, encounters and critical interactions did occur and a legacy of Jewish-Christian relations has been built.

The EJCR is thus a project which continues the tradition of interreligious relations within Judaism and Christianity by developing a comprehensive and fundamental scholarly/academic work which documents the current state of research and serves as the standard reference work for further research projects in the area of Jewish-Christian relations. It aims at setting the firm basis for any work in Jewish-Christian relations in the future built on the irrevocable presupposition of mutual respect at eye level. As such the EJCR serves also as a contribution to establish Jewish-Christian relations as an area of research and studies in its own right.

We are happy that you have found your way to this database and hope the EJCR articles will provide you with sustained scientifically based support for your research and discourses, for dialogue initiatives and the ecclesial and theological permeation of these relationships.

Please find a few examples of EJCR online articles here: