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Enhanced Electronic Grammars Online

An advanced research tool for linguists

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Last updated on 13.07.2020

Enhanced Electronic Grammars (EEG) features comprehensive descriptions of languages from around the world. Through this unique online resource, full grammars are made available together in an interlinked and semantically-annotated format, allowing granular access to the grammatical data and enabling cross-language research of several grammars at the same time. In addition to cross-linguistic queries, each grammar can also be read and researched individually. Enhanced Electronic Grammars is updated biannually, integrating several new grammar publications each year for even more extensive cross-linguistic research.

EEG features:

  • A sophisticated research tool specially designed for the needs of general linguists and typologists
  • Enables simultaneous search across dozens of languages on hundreds of linguistic phenomena
  • Makes complex multiple searches possible
  • Each linguistic phenomenon is illustrated by naturalistic examples with interlinear glossing and free translations
  • Focus on small and endangered languages stimulates new insights on human language