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Cognitive Linguistics Bibliography (CogBib)

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The Cognitive Linguistics Bibliography (CogBib) is an electronic database consisting of 7000 entries covering a wide range of subjects within the broader field of cognitive linguistics. The most important function of CogBib is to make scholars both in and outside of the field of cognitive linguistics aware of the rich and diverse research output available on a range of given topics.

Key Features:

  • Users can enter any keyword to begin a search. Each entry contains up to 15 keywords, which will lead the user to other related search terms or entries. Internal cross-classifications and further searches within a search result are possible.
  • Abstracts are provided for most of the entries in the bibliography. A feedback function is planned for future editions so that users can submit further information and/or abstracts, making CogBib an interactive bibliography.
  • Both the keywords and abstracts for each entry give a clear indication of the main topics included in the that entry, giving the user a detailed overview and systematic coverage of the many subfields of cognitive linguistics.
  • CogBib not only surveys purely linguistic publications, but also introduces the user to the application of cognitive linguistics theories in other related fields such as pragmatics, poetics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, literary studies, and applied linguistics.
  • The search function, cross references, and comprehensive entries contained in the database make CogBib an indispensable instrument for cognitive linguists and anyone interested in the field of cognitive linguistics.
  • An annual increase of 1000 entries per year is planned.