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Aegle marmelos phytochemical stabilized synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles and their role against agriculture and food pathogenThis result set contains:

Fowsiya, J. ; Asharani, I.V. ; Mohapatra, Simron ; Eshapula, Akhila ; Mohi, Pragya ; et al.

Applications of BiosensorsThis result set contains:


Biosynthetic potential assessment of four food pathogenic bacteria in hydrothermally silver nanoparticles fabricationThis result set contains:

Rahimirad, Amir ; Javadi, Afshin ; Mirzaei, Hamid ; Anarjan, Navideh ; Jafarizadeh-Malmiri, Hoda

Development of antimicrobial and antifouling nanocomposite membranes by a phase inversion techniqueThis result set contains:

Arif, Zeenat ; Sethy, Naresh Kumar ; Kumari, Lata ; Mishra, Pradeep Kumar ; Verma, Bhawna

Engineered nanomaterials and human health: Part 1. Preparation, functionalization and characterization (IUPAC Technical Report)This result set contains:

Gubala, Vladimir; Johnston, Linda J.; Liu, Ziwei; Krug, Harald; Moore, Colin J.; et al.