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Kinetics for an Optimized Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Alfalfa ExtractsThis result set contains:

Ibarra-Sánchez, José J.; Fuentes-Ramírez, Rosalba; Reyes-Aguilera, José Antonio; Figueroa-Gerstenmaier, Susana; Orrantia-Borunda, Erasmo; et al.

Single-Source Molecular Precursor for Synthesis of CdS Nanoparticles and NanoflowersThis result set contains:

Salavati-Niasari, Masoud; Sobhani, Azam

Synthesis of copper micro-rods with layered nano-structure by thermal decomposition of the coordination complex Cu(BTA)2 This result set contains:

Qu, Botao; Lu, Xinrong; Wu, Yan; You, Xiaozeng; Xu, Xiangxing

Synthetic routes to magnetic nanoparticles for MPIThis result set contains:

Kratz, Harald; Eberbeck, Dietmar; Wagner, Susanne; Taupitz, Matthias; Schnorr, Jörg

Thermal energy storage – overview and specific insight into nitrate salts for sensible and latent heat storageThis result set contains:

Pfleger, Nicole; Bauer, Thomas; Martin, Claudia; Eck, Markus; Wörner, Antje