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Biofunctionalization of surfaces using polyelectrolyte multilayersThis result set contains:

Hartmann, Hanna; Krastev, Rumen

Biological targeting with nanoparticles: state of the artThis result set contains:

Kozlova, Diana; Epple, Matthias

Multifunctional silica nanoparticles for optical and magnetic resonance imagingThis result set contains:

Joshi, Rajendra; Feldmann, Verena; Koestner, Wolfgang; Detje, Claudia; Gottschalk, Sven; et al.

Paraboloid Structured Silicon Surface for Enhanced Light Absorption: Experimental and Simulative InvestigationsThis result set contains:

Khan, Firoz; Baek, Seong-Ho; Kaur, Jasmeet; Fareed, Imran; Mobin, Abdul; et al.

Self-assembled anchor layers/polysaccharide coatings on titanium surfaces: a study of functionalization and stabilityThis result set contains:

Pop-Georgievski, Ognen; Kubies, Dana; Zemek, Josef; Neykova, Neda; Demianchuk; et al.

Surface chemistry and morphology in single particle optical imagingThis result set contains:

Ekiz-Kanik, Fulya; Sevenler, Derin Deniz; Ünlü, Neşe Lortlar; Chiari, Marcella; Ünlü, M. Selim

Surface modification of nano-alumina and its application in preparing polyacrylate water-based wood coatingThis result set contains:

Long, Ling; Xu, Jianfeng; Wan, Xianglong; Qian, Lei