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Dynamic of cold-atom tips in anharmonic potentialsThis result set contains:

Menold, Tobias; Federsel, Peter; Rogulj, Carola; Hölscher, Hendrik; Fortágh, József; et al.

Imaging vortices in superconductors: from the atomic scale to macroscopic distances This result set contains:

Guillamón, Isabel; Rodrigo, Jose Gabriel; Vieira, Sebastián; Suderow, Hermann

In situ scanning tunneling microscopy study of Ca-modified rutile TiO2(110) in bulk waterThis result set contains:

Serrano, Giulia; Bonanni, Beatrice; Kosmala, Tomasz; Di Giovannantonio, Marco; Diebold, Ulrike; et al.

Nano-contact microscopy of supracrystalsThis result set contains:

Sweetman, Adam; Goubet, Nicolas; Lekkas, Ioannis; Pileni, Marie Paule; Moriarty, Philip

Near-field scanning optical microscopy nanoprobesThis result set contains:

Fleischer, Monika

Optically induced forces in scanning probe microscopyThis result set contains:

Kohlgraf-Owens, Dana C.; Sukhov, Sergey; Greusard, Léo; De Wilde, Yannick; Dogariu, Aristide