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99mTc(I) carbonyl-radiolabeled lipid based drug carriers for temozolomide delivery and bioevaluation by in vitro and in vivoThis result set contains:

Arı, Kadir; Uçar, Eser; İçhedef, Çiğdem; Yurt Kılçar, Ayfer; Medine, Emin İlker; et al.

Preparation and biological evaluation of [ 67 Ga]-labeled-superparamagnetic nanoparticles in normal ratsThis result set contains:

Jalilian, A. R.; Panahifar, A.; Mahmoudi, M.; Akhlaghi, M.; Simchi, A.

Translational radionanomedicine: a clinical perspectiveThis result set contains:

Choi, Hongyoon; Lee, Yun-Sang; Hwang, Do Won; Lee, Dong Soo