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Angular plasmon response of gold nanoparticles arrays: approaching the Rayleigh limitThis result set contains:

Marae-Djouda, Joseph; Caputo, Roberto; Mahi, Nabil; Lévêque, Gaëtan; Akjouj, Abdellatif; et al.

Anisotropic excitation of surface plasmon polaritons on a metal film by a scattering-type scanning near-field microscope with a non-rotationally-symmetric probe tipThis result set contains:

Walla, Frederik; Wiecha, Matthias M.; Mecklenbeck, Nicolas; Beldi, Sabri; Keilmann, Fritz; et al.

The application of scanning near field optical imaging to the study of human sperm morphologyThis result set contains:

Andolfi, Laura; Trevisan, Elisa; Troian, Barbara; Prato, Stefano; Boscolo, Rita; et al.

Dynamic near-field heat transfer between macroscopic bodies for nanometric gapsThis result set contains:

Sasihithlu, Karthik; Agarwal, Girish S.

Efficient forward second-harmonic generation from planar archimedean nanospirals This result set contains:

Davidson II, Roderick B.; Ziegler, Jed I.; Vargas, Guillermo; Avanesyan, Sergey M.; Gong, Yu; et al.

Exploring plasmonic coupling in hole-cap arraysThis result set contains:

Schmidt, Thomas; Frederiksen, Maj; Bochenkov, Vladimir; Sutherland, Duncan

Harvesting the Electromagnetic Energy Confined Close to a Hot BodyThis result set contains:

Ben-Abdallah, Philippe ; Biehs, Svend-Age

High-performance and compact broadband terahertz plasmonic waveguide intersectionThis result set contains:

Yuan, Mingrui ; Li, Yanfeng ; Lu, Yongchang ; Zhang, Ying ; Zhang, Ziying ; et al.