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Au nanostructure arrays for plasmonic applications: annealed island films versus nanoimprint lithographyThis result set contains:

Lopatynskyi, Andrii M; Lytvyn, Vitalii K; Nazarenko, Volodymyr I; Guo, L Jay; Lucas, Brandon D; et al.

Bio-surface engineering with DNA scaffolds for theranostic applications This result set contains:

Wang, Xiwei; Lai, Wei; Ma, Tiantian; Qu, Xiangmeng; Li, Li; et al.

Carbon nanotubes for ultrafast fibre lasersThis result set contains:

Chernysheva, Maria; Rozhin, Aleksey; Fedotov, Yuri; Mou, Chengbo; Arif, Raz; et al.

Characterization and low-cost, green synthesis of Zn2+ doped MgO nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Mohammad Shafiee, Mohammad Reza; Kargar, Mahboubeh; Ghashang, Majid

Chemically and thermally stable silica nanowires with a β-sheet peptide core for bionanotechnologyThis result set contains:

Al-Garawi, Zahraa S.; Kostakis, George E.; Serpell, Louise C.

CMOS-Compatible Top-Down Fabrication of Periodic SiO2 Nanostructures using a Single MaskThis result set contains:

Meng, Lingkuan; Gao, Jianfeng; He, Xiaobin; Li, Junjie; Wei, Yayi; et al.

Colloidal Photoluminescent Refractive Index Nanosensor Using Plasmonic EffectsThis result set contains:

Guzatov, Dmitry V.; Gaponenko, Sergey V.; Demir, Hilmi V.

Computing Topological Indices for Para-Line Graphs of AnthraceneThis result set contains:

Zhang, Zhiqiang ; Mufti, Zeshan Saleem ; Nadeem, Muhammad Faisal ; Ahmad, Zaheer ; Siddiqui, Muhammad Kamran ; et al.

Current trends in changing the channel in MOSFETs by III–V semiconducting nanostructuresThis result set contains:

John Chelliah, Cyril R.A.; Swaminathan, Rajesh

Detection of Majorana fermions by Fano resonance in hybrid nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Xia, Jun-Jie; Duan, Su-Qing; Zhang, Wei