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Effects of nanofillers on the characteristics and performance of PEBA-based mixed matrix membranesThis result set contains:

Kardani, Rokhsare; Asghari, Morteza; Mohammadi, Toraj; Afsari, Morteza

Fabrication of mixed matrix poly(phenylene ether-ether sulfone)-based nanofiltration membrane modified by Fe3O4 nanoparticles for water desalinationThis result set contains:

Ansari, Saeed; Bagheripour, Ehsan; Moghadassi, Abdolreza; Hosseini, Sayed Mohsen

Impact of graphene/graphene oxide on the mechanical properties of cellulose acetate membrane and promising natural seawater desalinationThis result set contains:

Ismail, Nahla ; El-Gendi, Ayman ; Essawy, Hisham ; El-Din, Lara Nezam ; Abed, Kamal ; et al.