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Construction of a novel microfluidic experimental setup for testing recent glaucoma drainage devices This result set contains:

Kara, Emre; Kutlar, Ahmet Ihsan; Güngör, Kıvanç

Improving diagnosis of pneumococcal disease by multiparameter testing and micro/nanotechnologiesThis result set contains:

Salieb-Beugelaar, Georgette B.; Zhang, Bei; Nigo, Maurice M.; Frischmann, Sieghard; Hunziker, Patrick R.

Investigation of mechanical and magnetophoretic focusing for magnetic flow cytometry This result set contains:

Liu, Jan; Reisbeck, Mathias; Hayden, Oliver

Microphysiological system for heart tissue – going from 2D to 3D cultureThis result set contains:

Busek, Mathias; Schubert, Mario; Guan, Kaomei; Sonntag, Frank; Schmieder, Florian; et al.

Portable tumor biosensing of serum by plasmonic biochips in combination with nanoimprint and microfluidicsThis result set contains:

Zhou, Jianyang ; Tao, Feng ; Zhu, Jinfeng ; Lin, Shaowei ; Wang, Zhengying ; et al.

Synthesis of polymer particles and capsules employing microfluidic techniquesThis result set contains:

Boskovic, Dusan; Loebbecke, Stefan

Towards nano-diagnostics for bacterial infectionsThis result set contains:

Salieb-Beugelaar, Georgette B.; Hunziker, Patrick R.

Towards nano-diagnostics for rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases – current technological stateThis result set contains:

Salieb-Beugelaar, Georgette B.; Hunziker, Patrick R.