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Acoustic phonons in nanowires probed by ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Mante, Pierre-Adrien; Belliard, Laurent; Perrin, Bernard

Application of Photochemistry in Synthesis of Smart Nanocomposite HydrogelsThis result set contains:

Arndt, Karl-Friedrich; Ferse, Bernhard; Oelsner, Nikos

Atomic force microscopy as analytical tool to study physico-mechanical properties of intestinal cellsThis result set contains:

Schimpel, Christa; Werzer, Oliver; Fröhlich, Eleonore; Leitinger, Gerd; Absenger-Novak, Markus; et al.

Comparative properties of nanofibers produced using unbleached and bleached wheat straw pulpsThis result set contains:

Ahmadi, Mohammad; Hedjazi, Sahab; Yousefi, Hossein

Effect of aging conditions on the mechanical properties and antimicrobial activity of elastomer nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Przybyłek, Małgorzata ; Białkowska, Anita ; Bakar, Mohamed ; Kosikowska, Urszula ; Szymborski, Tomasz

Effect of annealed titania on dielectric and mechanical properties of ethylene propylene diene monomer-titania nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Manna, Rakesh; Nayak, Suryakanta; Rahaman, Mostafizur; Khastgir, Dipak

Effect of ultrasonic-assisted impregnation parameters on the preparation and interfacial properties of MWCNT/glass-fiber reinforced compositesThis result set contains:

Zeng, Shaohua; Shen, Mingxia; Duan, Pengpeng; Lu, Fengling; Chen, Shangneng; et al.

Effects Analysis on the Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline MaterialsThis result set contains:

Liu, Yue-Wu; Zhou, Rong; Lü, Shou-Qin

Effects of preparation methods on the mechanical and thermal properties of graphene-modified HNBR compositesThis result set contains:

Yang, Dejiang; Wei, Chun; Gong, Yongyang; Liu, Tianxi; Lv, Jian