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Imaging modalities using magnetic nanoparticles – overview of the developments in recent yearsThis result set contains:

Schwarz, Marc; Dörfler, Arnd; Engelhorn, Tobias; Struffert, Tobias; Tietze, Rainer; et al.

Phenomenological analysis of magnetic nanoparticle size distributions with temperature dependent magnetorelaxometryThis result set contains:

Knopke, C.; Wiekhorst, F.; Löwa, N.; Wagner, S.; Schnorr, J.; et al.

Quantitative reconstruction of a magnetic nanoparticle distribution using a non-negativity constraintThis result set contains:

Liebl, Maik; Steinhoff, Uwe; Wiekhorst, Frank; Coene, Annelies; Haueisen, Jens; et al.