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Monolithic optoelectronic integrated broadband optical receiver with graphene photodetectorsThis result set contains:

Cheng, Chuantong; Huang, Beiju; Mao, Xurui; Zhang, Zanyun; Zhang, Zan; et al.

Optical slot antennas and their applications to photonic devicesThis result set contains:

Park, Yeonsang; Kim, Jineun; Roh, Young-Geun; Park, Q-Han

Recent advances in nanoplasmonic biosensors: applications and lab-on-a-chip integrationThis result set contains:

Lopez, Gerardo A.; Estevez, M.-Carmen; Soler, Maria; Lechuga, Laura M.

A semi-empirical integrated microring cavity approach for 2D material optical index identification at 1.55 μmThis result set contains:

Maiti, Rishi ; Hemnani, Rohit A. ; Amin, Rubab ; Ma, Zhizhen ; Tahersima, Mohammad H. ; et al.

State-of-the-art photodetectors for optoelectronic integration at telecommunication wavelength This result set contains:

Eng, Png Ching; Song, Sun; Ping, Bai

Tightly coupled MEMS based INS/GNSS performance evaluation during extended GNSS outagesThis result set contains:

Rabiain, Azmir Hasnur; Kealy, Allison; Morelande, Mark