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Generation and manipulation of entangled photons on silicon chipsThis result set contains:

Matsuda, Nobuyuki; Takesue, Hiroki

Monolithic waveguide laser mode-locked by embedded Ag nanoparticles operating at 1 μmThis result set contains:

Li, Rang ; Pang, Chi ; Li, Ziqi ; Dong, Ningning ; Wang, Jun ; et al.

Tailoring optical complex fields with nano-metallic surfacesThis result set contains:

Rui, Guanghao; Zhan, Qiwen

Waveguide excitation and collection of surface-enhanced Raman scattering from a single plasmonic antennaThis result set contains:

Peyskens, Frédéric; Wuytens, Pieter; Raza, Ali; Van Dorpe, Pol; Baets, Roel